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Enabling Innovative Virtual Care to Increase Access, Reduce Costs and Improve Outcomes


Innovative eHealth

                                                            Mobile applications, analytics, cloud and social media are fundamentally

                                                                   transforming the way the healthcare is delivered and managed.


                                                                   In global partnership with digital health specialists, TeleMed Global is

                                                                   delivering transformational healthcare.


                                                                  Crafting Next Generation Solutions, Providing Enterprise Mobility, and

                                                                  Delivering secured cloud-based healthcare with Policy-Driven Orchestration.


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Digital Health

Premier Partner

Telemed Systems & Devices

Next Generation Digital Health Solutions–

Driving the Patient–Centric Transformation

Offering a wide spectrum of innovative digital health technology solutions and professional services to reduce cost, streamline administrative/clinical workflow and improve outcome for all stakeholders.


*Patients, Providers and Payers*

Tel-Zest strategic partnership provides a global onshore-offshore delivery model. Learn more

Total Telehealth Solutions

                                                                 Demand and deployment of telemedicine are growing at an exponential

                                                                     rate globally. This is largely due to potential of telemedicine to

                                                                     revolutionize healthcare delivery as we know it.


                                                                     As a Premier Partner of GlobalMed - the leading Telemedicine Systems and

                                                                     Solutions company, we are deploying innovative telehealth solutions

                                                                     globally. With superior systems engineering and advanced medical devices,

                                                                     our solutions are offering sustainability and achieving seamless

                                                                     interoperability amoung the multitude of healthcare systems including

                                                                     EHR integration to attain desired patient outcome.


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Professional Services

Consulting and Training Services


                                                                       A successful telemedicine program starts with a well-crafted plan and a

                                                                       project management-driven execution to attain objective patient-

                                                                       centered outcomes.


                                                                       It's important to provide your organization with access to the expertise

                                                                       needed to guide your telehealth program through regulations,

                                                                       reimbursements, complex technology options and care dynamics

                                                                       for optimum outcomes.



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Post-Acute and Home Care

Technology-Driven Compassionate Care


                                                                       Our advanced Remote Patient Management (RPM) system provides

                                                                       technology-enabled care coordination with efficient access to care givers.


                                                                       Software systems deliver solutions from point of care through

                                                                       scheduling, from billing including documentation, to managing

                                                                       skilled and unskilled caregivers.



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