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Secured Healthcare CloudMap – Policy Driven Orchestration



Healthcare enterprises are moving health data to a secured cloud primarily for infrastructure cost savings, improved availability, enterprise access, and data security. It is estimated that in the next five years, 80% of the enterprises will use cloud in various forms. Typically, organizations prefer quite a few type of clouds for their business needs–public, private, hybrid, or a combination. Managing these multi-cloud deployments is difficult and inefficient.


Cloud adoption is also fraught with other challenges. Businesses have to take care of organizational policies (Security, Provisioning), comply with industry standards (PCI, ISO), utilize best practices (backup, log-aggregation) while optimizing operational costs. In partnership with our strategic global digital health partner (e-Zest), we offer a secured cloud with Policy Driven Orchestration.


While cloud providers do offer native resources to deal with these challenges, it is not easy to manage this complexity. There will be operational bottlenecks and scalability issues if you rely on the native resources alone. A better way to control and monitor these deployments is with a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) which can automate resources and manage these systems. The e-Zest TeleMed Global team brings you a next generation Cloud Management and Automation Platform (CloudMAP).


CloudMAP helps you effectively manage and provision the capacity you have installed. With CloudMAP, you can configure complex systems which can be configured and deployed as per requirement. With our CMP, you can make the most of your investment in cloud resulting in agile and scalable operational processes.


Here are some of the key features of CloudMAP:


  •  Policy-based framework of provisioning the infrastructure
  •  Complete solution for orchestration and configuration management
  •  Intelligent framework to create public/private subnets and automated networking and routing setup
  •  Inbuilt Smart Monitoring solution configurable with minimal efforts
  •  Recommendation Engine for overutilized and underutilized resources
  •  Single Window Cloud Analytics Dashboard which lets you:
    •  Monitor the application performance in real time
    •  Reconfigure logging alerts and drill into the application logs
    •  Access analytics of the historic data to plan proactively
    •  Cloudtrail events notifying the user-initiated API like provisioning/deleting of resources and tracking activities by different stakeholders on your cloud infrastructure
    •  Monitor your security
    •  View configuration updates and run statuses of management tools such as Puppet


Moreover with CloudMAP, you do not need to be restricted to a specific cloud provider or one type of cloud. We help you implement CloudMAP in your own data center or on any other cloud such as AWS, Azure, and OpenStack.


CloudMAP is offered in a customizable Platform as a Service Model that offers automated provisioning of resources, configuration of security measures, monitoring, management and orchestration of resources on cloud accelerating the infrastructure setup giving complete control to the system administrator and ultimate business user.


Bring security, visibility, and efficiency to your cloud initiative with CloudMAP. Connect with us at for a demonstration.



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