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Digital health is the next generation of healthcare technologies delivering more affordable and effective care solutions. Innovative mobile applications, analytics, cloud and social media are fundamentally transforming the way the healthcare is delivered and managed.


TeleMed Global in global partnership with world-class eHealth specialists, is driving the digital health movement in developing and deploying transformational improvements in healthcare.


With more than 15 years of diversified healthcare technology experience, matured development processes and world-class talent, we are positioned to undertake small to enterprise-sized digital health projects from concept to commercial delivery. We have participated in multiple initiatives involving Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) systems design and development, CCHIT, HL7 implementation, and deploying HIPAA best practices for security, privacy, confidentiality, and technical and physical safeguards.


The essence of our product engineering services is to ensure that your products produce successful results and are accepted in the market with a faster go-to-market strategy. With the same objective in mind, we have been continuously involved in building Healthcare Products within the Healthcare ISV segment with our global partner e-Zest. Our experience of working with leading products in the healthcare segment has helped us position ourselves as a niche service provider in this space. Our mission strongly reflects this focused approach to healthcare product engineering services that helps provide greater business value.


Our customer portfolio ranges from Clinical and Non-Clinical Practice Management Solutions to Electronic Health Records, from Remote Health Monitoring Solutions to Device Integration Solutions.


With experience in the latest technology landscape, stable CMMI Level 3 and ISO 27001:2013 certified processes, our global delivery onshore-offshore model will ensure that your products are meeting business, clinical, and operational demands.



Mobile Health Technology


Mobile health technology, or mhealth, is a rapidly developing factor in health care today promising to make health care better and more efficient. According to a recent survey, 83 percent of physicians in the U.S. already use mobile health technology or mhealth to provide patient care.


Health care providers use mobile health technology to:


• Access clinical information (e.g., through mobile health apps and mobile-enabled EHRs),

• Collaborate with care teams (e.g., with secure text messaging),

• Communicate with patients (e.g., through patient portals),

• Offer real-time monitoring of patients,

• Provide health care remotely - also called telemedicine.

• Track their own health data through mhealth apps and devices like the Fitbit®,

• Access their clinical records through mobile-enabled patient portals

• Communicate with their providers (e.g., through HIPAA compliant e-mail and

   secure text messaging).


Mobile health technology is also an important tool in improving the health of patients in underdeveloped nations. In 2011, 70% of the world’s five billion mobile wireless subscribers were in low-or middle-income countries. Mobile health technology allows government health officials to extend their reach into rural or impoverished areas. In fact, 83% of the 112 member states of the World Health Organization have at least one mhealth initiative in their country.



New Services added to the VA's Telehealth Services program


U.S. President Donald Trump and the Department of Veterans Affairs announced new steps to use technology to expand health care for veterans. The new initiatives include the use of video technology and diagnostic tools to remotely conduct medical examinations, and allow veterans to use mobile devices and computers to schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments at VA facilities. The president also said the new services will be particularly useful to veterans who live in rural areas.


This technology will work not only for the VA, but for rural hospitals and metro hospitals improving patient care. Click link to article in the VOA NEWS




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