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Redefining the Patient-Clinician Encounter

eNcounter® software is the intelligent solution that walks the clinician through the entire telemedicine encounter. Clinicians select a patient, capture vital signs, diagnostic data and images, conduct a real-time remote visit and/or store and forward secure data, all within one application.

Encounter telemedicine software



Because of its user-friendly interface, eNcounter® is a powerful tool to give providers the ability to extend their reach of care on a secure platform, collaborate with specialists, and preserve patient data.


Why eNcounter®?

eNcounter® software is essential for any provider who needs to securely view, save, and share visible and/or non-visible light DICOM images for patient assessment. More than 40 medical technologies are integrated into the platform, including: exam cameras, stethoscopes, vitals sign monitors, otoscopes, ophthalmoscope, ECGs, ultrasound probes, dental camera, colposcope, and x-ray without leaving eNcounter® for another software application.


The data collected by eNcounter® about the telemedicine visit provides the analytics to help healthcare organizations improve the quality of healthcare delivery.


eNcounter® is built upon GlobalMed’s proven heritage of developing comprehensive solutions that transform healthcare delivery. Through its seamless integration and operation of GlobalMed's telemedicine technologies, eNcounter® allows connection to patients – and patient healthcare data - anywhere, anytime.



Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is the universal standard for handling, storing, and transmitting medical images. As such, is the common factor in all health image exchanges used by electronic medical record systems. eNcounter® supports imaging studies from the following DICOM modalities: Computed Tomography(CT), Magnetic Resonance(MR), X-Ray(CR), Ultrasound(US)





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