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                                                        At TeleMed Global We ENABLE VIRTUAL CARE


Our technology-driven post-acute care offers a comprehensive care model for home care through community care. Our proven software systems deliver solutions from point of care through scheduling, from billing, including documentation, to managing skilled and unskilled caregivers. With the technology-driven transformation of healthcare systems underway, the new care models with patient-centered focus are becoming standard.


Our technology-enabled care provides multi-disciplinary clinical and administrative access for compassionate care involving family members and care givers.


The component of our total post-acute care includes the following

professional services:


• Remote Patient Management (RPM)

• Care Coordination-eCare

• Senior Homecare  and Hospice


Technology-enabled Care Coordination has become an integral part of post-acute care. Hospitals, health systems, and insurers all are striving to streamline post-acute care through highly automated Care Coordination and management of care transition. Significant gains in patient outcomes, reduction in hospital readmission, improved quality of patient life, and far-reaching cost savings are attainable. The addition of a telehealth component through virtual monitoring provides superior care and significantly lower costs.


Following a coordinated managed transition from the hospital setting, many patients require continued medical care either at home or in a specialized facility. TeleMed Global provides a comprehensive range of medical care services that supports the individual's continued recovery from acute or chronic illness or disability.


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