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Our Telehealth Professional Services include:



Our initial complimentary session includes a comprehensive survey with your clinical and technology teams to capture a snapshot of your telehealth initiative and determine organizational readiness.


Our team can guide change-management activities to promote the benefits of the telehealth program, increase stakeholder engagement, and create effective communications to stakeholders. Successful program awareness will lead to increased user adoption and solution utilization.



Working with key stakeholders, our team can develop a telehealth program strategy that aligns with the organization’s overall goals. We provide guidance on business plan creation, establishment of program governance structure, identification of clinical champions, and alignment with value-based care and population health models.


Do you understand the evolving legal and regulatory requirements impacting telehealth programs and patient care services? We analyze federal and state legal requirements to advise you on the best approach for developing telehealth services, maintaining compliance, and reducing risk.


Our strategic planning process includes a financial revenue model review to determine funding and reimbursement options. Telemed Global advises you on the current telehealth payment and reimbursement opportunities and strategies based on your service offerings and markets served. We perform assessments of the payment and reimbursement options available and analyze the results to identify the best approach for building a successful overall program strategy.


Our team can partner with stakeholders and organizational resources to create an effective marketing campaign for your telehealth program. The development of robust promotional and awareness strategies is essential for telehealth program success.



TeleMed Global, being an independent telehealth systems integrator, will objectively assess alternative solutions to determine optimum system and overall infrastructure selection. With collective evaluation we will determine if the selected technology supports the desired use cases and is the right fit for the clinical environment.


We provide the expert guidance during the technology selection process to ensure investments support your organization’s strategic plans and telehealth program.



Our systems engineering organization, once the overall functional technology specifications are defined, will develop detailed systems engineering and functional design specifications. The comprehensive design document will provide software, devices, interfaces, and overall infrastructure specifications for project-driven system integration.



TeleMed Global's professional telehealth consultants with expertise in telehealth systems, communications, and relevant clinical workflow background provide custom-designed training. The on-going process and technical support are available by phone and/or onsite as required.



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